Terms & Conditions





Hi-Class Jewellers offers lifetime warranty for your engagement ring purchased either online or in-store. Whenever you have a problem with your ring, please contact us so we can arrange to have it brought to our repair centre in Vancouver. Once we receive it, we will inspect it with attentive care, and diagnose the problem. If it is found that the issue was due to a manufacturers defect, we will repair it free of cost; however, if it is due to normal wear and tear, we will only charge you for the cost of materials used in the repair, but not for our time. 


Please be advised that the centre diamond in your engagement ring is not included in your engagement ring warranty. Although the diamond is the hardest naturally occurring material, it is still susceptible to chips and cracks if enough force is applied at the right angle. Hi-Class Jewellers advises you to insure your centre stone against any accidental damage and to insure the entire ring against theft.




In the event that you are not 100% fully satisfied with your purchase, you can exchange your product for any other product in store, up to 30 days after your purchase date.  Exchanged products must be in the same condition you received them in with original packaging. Hi-Class Jewellers reserves the right to charge a repair fee if the product is found to have been tampered or damaged in any way. Goods purchased on sale or custom orders are exempt from the exchange policy.




In the event your item needs repair, please contact Hi-Class Jewellers so we will instruct you how to prepare your item for shipping. Once the item is at our repair centre, we will assess how much the repair will cost, and contact you to get the go ahead to start the repair process.  Once the repair is done, we will contact you before shipping the item back to you.  


22 Karat Guarantee 


Hi-Class Jewellers guarantees that all our goods reach international standards for purity.  We take pride in only selling high quality goods that meet our strict quality standards. If in the event you want to have the purity of your goods checked by a third party, we can recommend someone in the Vancouver area.