About Us

Our founders established Hi-Class Jewellers in Vancouver in 1985.  We had a small shop in Vancouver’s Punjabi Market, with little product but rich in affection for our clientele. We’ve always felt that the process of seeking the right jewel is an intimate experience. When someone walks through our doors, they are there to turn their boundless love for someone into a tangible expression. A young man walks into our door to nervously choose an engagement ring for the girl he loves. Parents bring their daughters to choose the perfect bridal set for the day their princess finally becomes a queen. A husband comes in to find the perfect set of diamond earrings for the mother of his children, and the apple of his eye.  

Simply put, whenever someone shops with Hi-Class Jewellers, it is not to simply just buy something, but to find something that completely and beautifully expresses their love for someone in the physical form.  

Our staff understands this simple yet profound concept, and we strive to put as much care into your decision as you would. 

 Welcome to Hi-Class Jewellers, where “Love is Eternal”.